Day 5


Another wonderful day. Today the highlight was working with my two new high school assistants. They are both seniors and each comes for an hour a day. They had been coming for the entire week but up until today I hadn’t really had time to train them in more than showing them how to check books in and out. Today, my lightest scheduled day, I worked with each young woman on reshelving, bar-coding books, and printing test results.

We also talked a lot about the need to being very customer oriented. I showed them my written objectives for all library workers (including me, student volunteers, subs, and aids).

People are not interrupts of our work, they are the reason we work. Whenever a patron comes into the library s/he should be greeted warmly, treated kindly, and given full-attention.

They are both very bright and excited to be working in the library.

Another great part of the day was working with my Battle of the Book teams to prepare for the mini-battles. I have 30 wonderful 4th graders who have read 5 or more books from the Battle list for Wisconsin. They have worked hard, challenged themselves, and proven that they are up for the test. I have loved coaching them and cannot wait to see them compete.



About ritaplattlibrarian

I am an elementary school librarian and I love my job more than it should be possible to love a job! A Nationally Board Certified teacher, my experience includes teaching learners of all levels from kindergarten to graduate students.
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