Day 11


Blow-by-blow of the day:

7:30-7:45  Arrive at school, read emails, helped teacher get books ready for biography unit, met with 2nd grade teachers about animal research

7:45 Begin contract day

7:45-8:15 Helped what felt like a million children as they checked-out, returned books, took AR tests, worked on projects, studied for Battle of the Books, etc

8:15-8:45 Checked books in, reshelved, checked in with 2nd grade teacher about a student who is failing her tests

8:45-9:00 Morning 4K class, read a story, talked about letters and sounds, put out alphabet books, kids checked out

9:00-11:00 4th grade research: “Work-shopped” first draft (used the interactive white boards to look at student papers, revise using the 6 traits rubric, and edit using the editing checklist; students continued work on projects

11:00-11:30 Two 2nd grade classes, discussed “research”, chose animal books for research projects

11:30-12:00 Lunch

12:00-12:30 Duty

12:30-1:00 1st grade intervention group (upper-level learning group of 30 working on AR, journal writing, and reading)

1:00-1:10 2nd grade checkout

1:10-1:40 2nd grade intervention group (upper-level learning group of 33 working on vocabulary, fluency, and independent goals)

1:40-2:30 4th grade class, 6-traits writing rubric, looked at writing samples and worked together to score them on the rubric

2:30-3:00 1st grade class, book-talked joke books, read a funny book to the class

3:00-3:10 last minute check-outs

3:10-3:20 hall duty

3:20-4:00 answered emails, input data

4:00-8:00 parent teacher conferences

Many days I feel like I don’t get a minute to breath. Today was NOT one of those days because I actually had a lunch break. That is rare!

The day was very satisfying as the lessons went well, there was evidence of learning, and the children all worked very hard.


About ritaplattlibrarian

I am an elementary school librarian and I love my job more than it should be possible to love a job! A Nationally Board Certified teacher, my experience includes teaching learners of all levels from kindergarten to graduate students.
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