Day 13


Today I weeded. It was hard. Very hard. In fact, if I’m fully honest, I didn’t weed enough books. I went through our animal section and pulled old, ugly, and/or inaccurate books. In the end I weeded 35 books from the collection. But, I hated every minute of it!

I remember in the first library class I took hearing other librarians talk about how hard weeding is. I just didn’t get it. I thought it would be easy for me. But, I spent agonizing minutes with each book trying to determine if weeding it was a good decision. YIKES!

Weeding is going to have to be a frequent activity this year because I wrote it into my goals and objectives. So, more heartache is on the way!


About ritaplattlibrarian

I am an elementary school librarian and I love my job more than it should be possible to love a job! A Nationally Board Certified teacher, my experience includes teaching learners of all levels from kindergarten to graduate students.
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