Day 14


Today, was a PLC day. (Professional Learning Community.) This is a perfect time to reflect on my role both as a leader and a collaborator. Although I am not the official literacy specialist at my building I have a master’s degree in reading (something I think EVERY school librarian should have.) I am the defacto reading specialist and teachers come to me for help in teaching students to read and write.

My job today was to work with the kindergarten team to put RTI in place for their upper-level learners. It was a VERY successful meeting and everyone is really excited. Tomorrow, when I go to the kindergarten for regular library lessons I will assess the reading levels of the high-achievers and we’ll group them.

Below is a summary of the meeting and the kinder teachers response.


While I still have a functioning brain cell I thought I would write a summary of our meeting.


Thanks for being so open to change, so willing to meet the needs of your learners, and so fun to work with.


  • Tomorrow I will informally assess kinders who are recommended for “Book Club”. I will use a combo of anecdotal, nonsense word fluency, and passage reading data and code each upper-level learner as a + (super high), a check (high), or a – (low-high). We’ll have the super-highs and maybe some of the highs join the club (depending on numbers.)
  • I will meet with the Book Club kids on Day 2 from 12:25-12:45. They will work on their journals and books in their classrooms and come ready to share a page each week. Depending on levels they will either use books from the teacher’s class, books from the library tubs, or actual library books. We’ll have a better idea of this after we assess tomorrow.
  • NEXT library lesson will happen in classrooms. Students will read from teacher’s book tubs. I will try to connect for them the reading they do in the library and that which is done in the classroom.
  • Teachers will identify their highest readers and will use days 2, 4, 6 rest times to provide interventions at their levels. Reading A to Z books will be used. One book every two weeks in a guided reading format. The teacher will pull the small group and using the lesson-plan as a loose guide work with the kids on skills and strategies appropriate to the story. Next PLC teachers will choose books to use and get them ready to be copied. The students will not write in the books so that teachers can reuse them.
  • We may consider leveling the books in teacher’s libraries by marking them with dots (1 = easy, 2 = hard, 3 = very challenging).
  • T will share more about her “weekly challenge” at a future meeting. Jaimie will provide inservicing on how she works with students on their writing.

Response from T (Lead kinder teacher)

Looks great to me!  I was just wrapping up our meeting notes as well.  

Great minds do think a like (or something like that)!!!!  😉

Thanks again for taking the time to meet with us.  We appreciate that and thank you for your enthusiasm. See you at Dresser tomorrow!!!!!  Don’t forget to check your calendar to see if Friday, Feb 17th works for our kick off to the Kindergarten Book Club.

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I am an elementary school librarian and I love my job more than it should be possible to love a job! A Nationally Board Certified teacher, my experience includes teaching learners of all levels from kindergarten to graduate students.
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