Day 19


When I first read the assignment for this portion of the class, I laughed out loud. “Write down everything you do.” I still think it’s funny. Any working library-media-specialist knows that this would not only be next to impossible, it would be an awesome task to write about or read.

Today, like all days, I was busy almost every minute. My focus for this reflection will be on my collaboration with my wonderful principal.

To start the day we visited about a few issues on the burner:

1. Continuing to support the kindergarten teachers as they begin to differentiate up for their advanced learners. We will ask the 4k teachers to visit the k classrooms. I will meet with the k classes again on Friday I will teach the children to choose “just-right” books. Then, I will work with the teachers on getting differentiated groups going in their own classes.

2. In conjunction with the goals I wrote for this class, we will have a Library Night at the end of the year to kick-off our summer-reading goals. Students will wear PJs and we’ll get high school volunteers to read with the children. Jeff & I will meet with the adults to talk with them about the summer reading program and share various resources they can use at home over the summer.

3. Jeff will come to the after school PLC meeting to discuss our groups work to this point and to talk about moving forward with Positive Behavior Intervention Supports in the coming weeks. He approved and our PLC is happy that we can help lead the school!

One thing I know for sure is that in ANY school-related job it is critical to have the principal’s support. The best way to get that support is to respect the boss’ authority, to do a good job, and to keep him/her informed of what’s happening.

I’m lucky, I have a GREAT principal. I work everyday to nurture that relationship.


About ritaplattlibrarian

I am an elementary school librarian and I love my job more than it should be possible to love a job! A Nationally Board Certified teacher, my experience includes teaching learners of all levels from kindergarten to graduate students.
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